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Change in the Wind

I’m considering going back to school to get my Bachelor’s degree. I’ve always wanted to do this but the last decade or so has been almost overwhelming, and it was a struggle to merely keep my head above water for a long time. I’m far from fixed, and I have my issues, but I think …

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All I Need

Look at me. I’m a mess. Broken, weak, and bleeding, I make my way to the throne of grace. I stumble over pride, shortcomings, and fear as I crawl to the feet of Jesus. The cares of life grab at my ankles, demanding my attention, trying to distract me from my goal. I wonder if …

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A candle on a hill?

I read an article today that said several Christian colleges are lifting the ban on alcohol and tobacco among their staff. It seems that going along with the crowd is becoming more important than standing on the Word. This is rather concerning for me, and for several reasons. First off, let me say that I’m …

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