dream me a dream

as i lay in your arms
whisper in my ear
of fields and flowers
light-filled meadows
shimmering waters
clouds floating lazily
in a bright blue sky
drifting off to sleep beside me
tell me of places you’ve been
the hidden special oasis
you keep to yourself
the love-nest you built in your mind
for the two of us to share

my own dreams, fraught with
holes and riddled with
lack their very
substance until you
speak them into existence
i have been so
afraid to fantasize about anything
reality has been so harsh
i need to know you’re with me now

compel me to come with you
reach out for my trembling hand
and take me on a journey
full of life and love and hope
renew my faith in miracles
my heart so full of longing to believe
that someday, somehow, i can
look you in the eyes…
be unafraid to let you
dream me a dream